Current projects

The Nepal Project
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CanWES' current projects include our initial goal of creating opportunities in Nepal. We are currently the sole contributor to the operation and assistance to education in the remote village of Sanitar, Nepal. Our operational costs are $30,000 per year and include paying salaries for 12 staff, assisting 175 students with regard to supplies, tuition, and uniforms, and maintenance of the two buildings that are currently being used. In the short existence of the Canadian World Education Society, we have raised almost $125,000 and created significant awareness about the impoverished nation of Nepal. We are also proud that less than 1% of the funds raised have gone to administrative costs - a rare feat in the operation of non-profit organizations these days. CanWES is currently working hard to raise additional funds to support the growing demand for quality education. Throughout February and March, we are expecting to complete the next phase for the Everest English School by constructing an eight-room building. This will allow the school to eventually offer quality education to children aged 3-18 years. This is an exciting opportunity for our small organization. It has been the goal of CanWES to assist Sanitar in their desire to achieve progressive change. The ability of the students to receive quality education for years to come will make a significant difference in the opportunities that will be presented to the youth of the community. CanWES is proud of our accomplishments to date, and look forward to observing the progress of this remote village over the next decade.

Building the school: The first phase of construction

The first phase of the Everest English School will allow young students the opportunity to receive "a quality education" through the teaching of trained teachers. This education will not only allow learning in the classrooms of Sanitar, but it will foster a greater knowledge in the homes and on the pathways of this remote village. CanWES looks forward to seeing progress as the school develops.

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The second phase of construction

The second phase of the Everest English School will allow youth in Sanitar and surrounding villages the opportunity to continue to receive "a quality education" through their middle and high school years. CanWES hopes that students will be inspired to "stay in school" past grade 8 - the traditional time that many young people forgo education to pursue employment or begin running the family farm. We look forward to continuing to watch the progress of these young minds. It will be a remarkable celebration when the Everest English School graduates it's first group of students from grade 12.

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