On behalf of our entire volunteer staff at CanWES and the children in Sanitar Nepal we would like to THANK YOU for choosing us for your charitable donations.

Currently there is one way to donate directly to the Canadian World Education Society. Please check back for more options in the future.

Mail a cheque to:

The Canadian World Education Society
1019 Loch Glen Place
Victoria, BC V9B 4N9

two_kidsWhy should you donate to CanWES?

Ever wonder how much of your money goes directly to your chosen charity? When you donate to CanWES 92% of your money goes to helping the students in Sanitar Nepal. The Canadian World Education Society is run purely on a volunteer basis. The other 8% goes to local student scholarships, website maintenance and a small amount of printed material in order to spread the word. We have chosen to keep it that way to ensure every dollar possible goes directly the schools we build. Don’t believe us?  Give us a call and we will explain how it works.  250-661-3226