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What the School Needs


After lengthy discussions with the staff, students, parents, and school management committee I left Sanitar with a greater understanding of what the Everest English School needs most. There is an overwhelming need for the school to increase its number of classrooms. This means that by the beginning of January, 2011 the Canadian World Education Society must raise an additional $15,000 to construct the next building. While this is certainly not an easy task for such a young organization, we are capable … with your help! The construction costs would allow for a brand new eight-room building, and would include all desks, tables, chairs, and white boards. The plan for this new building would create the opportunity to add an additional class each year, allowing for all students to remain in their home village. As well, for the next four years, it would also create space for some students to board at the school instead of traveling the usual 3 hours per day from neighboring villages.
If you, or anyone you know, is interested in helping to sponsor the construction costs of this new building please contact Troy Harris at or call 250-661-3226.


After the construction of a new learning facility in Sanitar, the Everest English School is also in need of computers. In this every increasing age of technology, it is essential that the students of EES do not get left behind. While they currently study computers at school by reading textbooks, they need the opportunity to practice the skills that they are beginning to learn about. They are excited about the opportunity to be connected to the rest of the world through technology, and need your help to allow this dream to come true.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in helping to sponsor the cost of making computers accessible to the students of the Everest English School, please contact Troy Harris at or call 250-661-3226.

Thank you for your support

On behalf of the Canadian World Education Society we would like to thank you for your donation and support during the first three years of our organization’s existence. We are currently updating our website to include many photos of the children attending the Everest English School and the surrounding community that you have chosen to generously contribute toward. Currently, the Everest English School employs 12 staff members and 175 students are receiving a quality education. We are proud of our accomplishments to date, and continue to creatively explore new ways to generate funds, and allow our school to be successful.