Board of directors

Rudra Dhamala

- Director

EES StaffRudra is a trained teacher with the wider goal of improving Nepal’s education system and subsequently their global status.  Rudra has worked hard to create quality educational opportunities in both Sanitar and the surrounding communities.  Rudra is currently working on writing his first book on education.





Mahindra Dahal

- Superintendant of Schools

EES StaffMahindra is the reason the Everest English School exists.  His vision and determination to create quality education in his home village of Sanitar has come to fruition.  Mahindra is a trained teacher who continues to develop his skills in the operation of schools at University in Kathmandu.





Khyam Giri


EES StaffKhyam Giri is a highly educated teacher with great experience.  He is currently working toward completing his Master’s Degree in education.  You can often see Khyam playing the drum during musical performances at the Everest English School.






Tanka Dahal


EES StaffTanka Dahal has grown up as a member of Sanitar village and is proud of his community.  He has worked hard to earn his Bachelor degree in education, and is currently working toward his Master’s degree.






Lok Nath Dahal

- Teacher

EES StaffLok Nath is our most experienced teacher, who currently occupies the role of Principal at the Everest English School.  His hard work in the classroom, along with his ability to communicate effectively with his staff make LD a favourite among the students in Sanitar.






Khyam Dahal

- Teacher

EES StaffKhyam Dahal has grown up in Sanitar and now teaches at the Everest English School where he is proud to provide a quality education to the students of his home village and the neighbouring surroundings.






Tek Dhamala

- Teacher

EES StaffTek is a young, inspiring teacher with the desire to make a difference in the lives of the students that attend the Everest English School. 







Peshil Bastola

- Teacher
EES StaffPeshil Bastola is a hard working young teacher who is proud to be a staff member at the Everest English School.   His energy toward making his students effective learners help to make him a successful teacher in Sanitar.






Rita Dahal

- Teacher

EES StaffRita is a well-educated teacher who focuses on teaching traditional Nepali language.  Her desire to improve the opportunities for young people, inspire her hard work.  Rita loves music and singing and allows her students to utilize their creative characteristics in their learning.





Jayanti Dahal

- Teacher

EES StaffJayanti is a fun, energetic, young teacher with a vision for education.  Her desire and ability to make her students successful help to strengthen the Everest English School and the village of Sanitar.






Himal Dahal

- Teacher

EES StaffHimal is a relatively new teacher to the Everest English School.  He is a hard working staff member who is hoping to assist the students of his home village in accomplishing anything they want to in life.






Sita Dahal

- Teacher
EES StaffSita joined the Everst English School after the passing of her husband who previously taught the students of Sanitar.  Sita is a teacher committed to teaching both English and traditional Nepali language.






Laxmi Dahal

- Teacher
EES StaffLaxmi didi is the lone “helping staff” at the Everest English School and works hard to keep the school operating.  She is one of the hardest working members of Sanitar, and the Everest English School is very fortunate to have her on staff.