Future Projects
boy and girl

There are currently 217 young minds learning at the Everest English School. Considering the growth of the school, future goals for CanWES include constructing additional toilets on site.

As well, it is CanWES' hope to facilitate the student's current learning by purchasing computers for classrooms. Students of the Everest English School learn about computers and how they operate from a textbook. We need to change this opportunity by allowing them to learn in a tangible way. In order to make this happen, we hope to purchase both computers and solar panels from a reliable source in Nepal. Considering the village of Sanitar sometimes goes days without hydro-electric power, the solar panels will allow a consistent form of electricity to help power the computers as well as allow uninterrupted learning. This will allow students in Sanitar to receive a quality education in their home village.

Finally, it continues to be our goal of raising funds to establish a CanWES documentary that will assist in telling our story and in continuing to raise awareness for our initiative.