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project developments

Current: The Nepal Project

CanWES current projects include our initial goal of creating opportunities in Nepal. We are currently the sole contributor to the operation and assistance to education in the remote village of Sanitar, Nepal. Our operational costs are $30,000 per year and include paying salaries of 12 staff, assisting 160 students with regard to supplies, tuition, uniforms, and maintenance of the two buildings that are currently being used. We are currently putting less than 5% of funds received toward administrative costs.


Future goals for CanWES include raising an additional $20,000 to afford the cost of constructing two more buildings on the current Everest English School site. This will allow students in Sanitar to receive a quality education in their home village. As of now, students attending grades 5 or higher need to travel a minimum of 2 hours per day to attend schools that will offer quality education. As well, it is our goal to raise funds to establish a CanWES documentary that will assist in both telling our story and continuing to raise awareness for our initiative. .