visitors to the school

visitors to the school

There have been several visitors to the Everest English School throughout it's three years of existence. We are proud to show others what we have accomplished in the village of Sanitar. Here are some of their experiences:
Jane Toomey - March, 2009
Steve Cliff - December, 2009
Heidi - August 2010
Jessica - August 2010
Melissa Thompson - December 2011
Caitlin Mauger - December 2011

2011 Nepal Trip

Our journey to Nepal was amazing. The group of 15 people who left Canada, returned as changed human beings. Our trip was exceptionally smooth considering that we were travelling to a developing nation. Despite the fact that this was Troy’s fifth trip to Nepal, there are always so many uncertainties in traveling there. We are never sure how easy it will be to travel there and back, but this trip went exceptionally well. Also, CanWES was incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful ambassadors working on their behalf.

Life in Kathmandu was welcomed with open minds, and the students from Belmont Secondary School in Victoria, BC were soon enjoying all of the unique culture that this impoverished nation had to offer. Still, nothing could prepare them for the unbelievable hospitality they were about to experience upon entering the remote village of Sanitar

Once in the village, everyone felt truly welcome. Although the people of Sanitar did everything they could to make our stay enjoyable, the living conditions remained difficult. Kevin O’Neill, a retired teacher from Victoria and chaperone on our journey, described the village as “Going one hundred years back in time”. Still, all members of the group were open to the challenges we faced and returned from our trip with a renewed sense of fortune and understanding.

CanWES wishes to thank everyone who was involved in making this trip a success. There were so many people who allowed this trip to succeed including the parents of the students who travelled, the Sooke School District Staff (District #62) and the Administration at Belmont Secondary School for all of their support with our journey. As well, CanWES would like to thank Dee Sandberg (Westshore Expedia Cruiseship Centers) for putting airfares together, Perry Fainstein for providing pro-bono legal counseling, and the people of Nepal for allowing our lives to be changed forever. Finally, Troy would personally like to thank everyone who travelled to Nepal, both for their interest in CanWES and (more importantly) for their interest in making a difference in the world. “I was very proud of everyone who joined me on this journey to Nepal. They were amazing ambassadors, not only for CanWES, but for all of Canada”.